Love These Guys in the 1990's and still in 2020


Above album is excellent

  • Blackest Eyes (LA)5:29
  • Shesmovedon (LA)5:24
  • Gravity Eyelids (LA)7:41
  • Futile (LA)7:49
  • Even Less (LA)7:15
  • Slave Called Shiver (LA)4:38
  • Waiting (LA)4:42
  • Hatesong (LA)8:42
  • Russia on Ice (LA)12:08
  • Moon Touches Your Shoulder (LA)6:12
  • Strip the Soul (LA)8:06
  • Wedding Nails (LA)6:42

Porcupine Tree originated in 1987 as a collaborative hoax project by Steven Wilson and Malcolm Stocks. Partially inspired by the psychedelic/progressive bands of the 1970s, such as Pink Floyd, that had dominated the music scene during their youth, the two decided to form a fictional legendary rock band named The Porcupine Tree. The two fabricated a detailed back-story including information on alleged band members and album titles, as well as a "colourful" history which purportedly included events such as a meeting at a 1970s rock festival and several trips in and out of prison. As soon as he had put aside enough money to buy his own studio equipment, Wilson obliged this creation with several hours of music to provide "evidence" of its existence.[10] Although Stocks provided a few passages of treated vocals and experimental guitar playing, his role in the project was mostly offering occasional ideas, with the bulk of the material being written, recorded, played, and sung by Wilson.

At this point, Porcupine Tree was little more than a joke and a private amusement, as Wilson was concentrating on his other project, No-Man, an endeavour with UK based singer and songwriter Tim Bowness. However, by 1989, he began to consider some of the Porcupine Tree music as potentially marketable. Wilson created an 80-minute-long cassette titled Tarquin's Seaweed Farm under the name of Porcupine Tree.[11] Still showing the spirit of his joke, Wilson included an eight-page inlay which further revealed the hoaxed Porcupine Tree backstory, including references to fictitious band members such as Sir Tarquin Underspoon and Timothy Tadpole-Jones.[12]

Wilson sent out copies of Tarquin's Seaweed Farm to several people he felt would be interested in the recordings. Nick Saloman, the cult UK guitarist better known as The Bevis Frond, had suggested that he send one to Richard Allen, a writer for the UK counter-cultural magazine Encyclopaedia Psychedelica and co-editor of the UK psychedelic garage rock magazine Freakbeat. Allen reviewed the tape in both magazines. Whilst he disliked some of the material, he gave much of it a positive review. Several months later, Allen invited Wilson to contribute a track to the double LP A Psychedelic Psauna that was being put together to launch the new Delerium label. Allen would also become the band's manager, press agent, and promoter until 2004, his role in marketing the band's image decreasing after The Sky Moves Sideways album. In the meantime, Wilson had continued to work on new material. In 1990, he released the Love, Death & Mussolini EP, issued in a very limited run of 10 copies.[10] The EP remains an extremely rare, collectible piece. It was composed of nine at-the-time-unreleased tracks, as a preview for the upcoming second album. In 1991, Wilson released a second full-length Porcupine Tree cassette called The Nostalgia Factory, which further expanded Porcupine Tree's underground fanbase, although at this point, the band was still carrying on the charade of being 1970s rock legends. By this point, Porcupine Tree was entirely a solo project, with Stocks having amicably moved on to other activities.

  • March Winds In February4:34
  • Fame Will Eat The Soul4:51
  • Dark Night Of The Soul5:56
  • In Search Of Grace3:41
  • Nobody In Charge4:12
  • You Don?t Understand6:17
  • Read Between The Lines3:41
  • Does Love Conquer All?4:42
  • Early Days3:40
  • If We Wait For Mountains2:42
  • Up On Broadway6:23
  • Three Chords And The Truth5:00
  • Bags Under My Eyes4:05
  • Days Gone By7:43
  • Three Chords And The Truth (Alternative Mix)4:04
  • Early Days (Alternative Mix)3:41
  • Nobody In Charge (Alternative Mix)3:56
  • Does Love Conquer All? (Alternative Mix)4:05
  • Dark Night Of The Soul5:56

  • Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)3:00
  • Dweller on the Threshold4:45
  • Whenever God Shines His Light4:54
  • Moondance4:32
  • Bright Side of the Road3:46
  • Brown Eyed Girl3:04
  • Wavelength5:46
  • Crazy Love2:37
  • Someone Like You4:07
  • When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God?5:38
  • Tore Down ? la Rimbaud4:08
  • Wild Night3:34
  • Gloria2:39
  • Real Real Gone3:41
  • Into the Mystic3:31
  • In the Garden5:46
  • Saint Dominic's Preview6:26
  • Stranded5:38

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  • Tore Down ? la Rimbaud4:08
  • Wild Night3:34
  • Gloria2:39
  • Real Real Gone3:41
  • Into the Mystic3:31
  • Wavelength5:46
  • Crazy Love2:37
  • Someone Like You4:07
  • Cleaning Windows4:43
  • Baby Please Don't Go2:42
  • Back on Top4:21
  • Vanlose Stairway4:09
  • Celtic New Year6:12
  • Irish Heartbeat3:53
  • The Healing Game [Alternative Version]4:29
  • Full Force Gale3:15
  • Warm Love3:23
  • Did Ye Get Healed?4:09
  • And It Stoned Me4:34